Meet The Maker

Ashley "Taco" Terrell

"I am the creative director and owner of My Sassy Canvas; a hobby turned business in April 2015. Color is my inspiration and I enjoy putting it in places that people would not imagine it being. Everything that I do in life, I put my own twist to it. I take a very basic, sometimes traditional concept and add my sassiness to it. So no matter what the canvas is, whether it be a thought, an action, a choice, a decision, a piece of jewelry, an actual canvas, or anything that is apart of my life, it will never just be a regular canvas. It will always be My Sassy Canvas. Because this life is my canvas, and I'm going to paint it how I want it."


My Earring Addiction

Why I love earrings...

" I love creating earrings because when I was younger, my ears were never pierced. I would always see other girls in school wearing hoops, studs, and other beautiful earrings. I became fascinated by the structure of earrings. To me, it was tiny pieces of art in your ear. I even watched my mom and sister wear earrings and I always felt as if I was left out. I would always ask myself, how did this little piece of bling make such a difference?? "

"We attempted to get my ears pierced when I was 14, but shortly after, I had to get them surgically removed due to a bad infection. At this point, I thought I would never be able to wear earrings and experience that feeling that earrings gave. I began to start my collection of clip-on earrings, however, I would always lose one or they would hurt my ear too much."

"At the age of 25, my mom took me to a tattoo shop and said "Girl, you make beautiful earrings, so you need to be able to wear them!" I was afraid because I did not want to have to get them removed again. But, as soon as I got to a mirror, and saw my pierced ears, I felt that feeling. It was a different feeling from the clip-on earrings."

"At that moment, it was the confirmation that I needed to move forward with being a handmade earring specialist! I created Candie Rain offers more than just earrings, however, earrings are my specialty. "