Candy Rain Jewelry

What is Candie Rain?

Candie Rain is My Sassy Canvas's jewelry line that is for YOU. The hardworking individual that deserves nice things!  Candie Rain is the jewelry line of haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion that delivers original, handmade, wearable art that allows you to visually express yourself, because your style is your canvas, and you should paint it how you want it!

Candie Rain features 5 different styles of earrings, jewelry and accessories. From ready-to-wear stud earrings to custom body jewelry, all the way to dangling earrings that make a statement, it is truly handmade haute, wearable art!

The jewelry lines within Candie Rain are Candied Glitz, Candied Couture, Candied Vibez, Candied Glamz, and Candied Roche. All of these lines highlight different styles of earrings, from studs and dangles, to ear tunnels and gauges! In addition to these jewelry lines, the Candied Accessories feature a mixture of all your favorite lines, but in necklaces, bracelets, and more!