What is My Sassy Canvas?
My Sassy Canvas is a custom art company that focuses on providing unique and affordable statement pieces in the form of wearable art and usable art.

Who owns My Sassy Canvas?
Ashley (Taco) Terrell

What is Candie Rain?
Candie Rain is the jewelry line of haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion that delivers original, handmade, wearable art that allows you to visually express yourself, because your style is your canvas, and you should paint it how you want it. Candie Rain features 5 different styles of handmade earrings and accessories. From ready-to-wear stud earrings to custom body jewelry, all the way to dangling earrings that make a statement, it is truly handmade haute, wearable art! 

What is the difference between My Sassy Canvas and Candie Rain?
Candie Rain is the jewelry line that has been created by My Sassy Canvas. My Sassy Canvas will soon offer many different types of products and services, therefore Candie Rain is just the name of the Jewelry line that is offered.

How do I buy some sassy stuff?
Click SHOP above!

How much is shipping and do you ship outside the U.S? 

Shipping cost is based on which shipping speed you choose and current USPS rates. (Generally between $3-$9 for the U.S)
Free shipping on $39 and over for all U.S orders
We do ship outside the U.S!

How is the jewelry made?
All our jewelry stones and designs are handmade in the creative directors shop. Our metals and findings are purchased thru a secure vendor. However, the assembly and design of all the jewelry is all done in the shop.

Is the jewelry hypoallergenic? 
Our  jewelry is made with stainless steel. It contains no nickel and no lead. Stainless steel is a higher quality metal that has little to no allergen effects.

What kind of metal is used?
Stainless steel; no nickel and no lead. In some cases, a higher quality metal will be used. This will be noted on the description of the jewelry.